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    Long, long ago...this world once belonged to us, the humans...We were the rulers and masters of this land in this era of prosperity. But then, on one fateful day, everything changed. From the high heavens descended an unspeakable evil a creature, a monster. He proclaimed himself as Ommicron, the king of the nexomon. This wicked behemoth threatened to engulf our humanity into darkness. With one shattering roar, an eternal war between humans and Nexomon began. Over centuries of violence humans learned how to tame and befriend the Nexomon and use them to fight against Omnicron himself. Then, in the midst of a dark age, one brave human warrior rose against all odds.

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    And with the help of his companions, he defeated Omnicron. The war ended, and centuries later, we live in a peaceful world along with our Nexomon friends. For Omnicron’s darkness, was forever destroyed, or so, we thought… Our story begins with a young and normal human child. Our young heroes embark on a journey to the small town of Parum. They hope to meet ivan, the Overseer of that town, who might know something about the mysterious Nexolord.

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    Tips (android game): a golden nexobox will give you a unique super rare nexomon and above guaranteed!Golden nexotraps have a 100% success rate. Regular nexotraps depend on other factors. Always keep your Nexomon healthy! Remember that most cities have a free healing center you can use. Little does he know, his life is about to change very, very soon. nexomon live virtually anywhere, but when they see tamer like yourself they will try to hide. If you approach it, they will probably try to defend itself. That’s when we will capture it! Howling winds - a powerful set of turbulent currents that causes great damage to opponents.

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    1. WTZNuFBSk5 - golden nexobox
    2. xLrkJcwfAt - gold coins
    3. ieSue80EWG - diamonds
    4. zAaMH3gW2M - support code
    5. teylwvr40Z - nexotraps
    6. c5XHTfFSQT - potion
    7. q3LvJKyOJa - key
    8. nbcxQAJTUG - treasure chest
    9. lwEJsUwU1e - ultra rare hero

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