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    Welcome Castle Burn, master! You will do some basic training before joining the league. Destroy opponent’s castle and win battle. Units and buildings can be deployed in your territory. When a camp is built, the territory expands build a camp. It also increases capacity, which allows you to deploy more units, when a camp is completed. A mana sanctum is a building which collects mana, an essential resource. Unless destroyed, a mana sanctum collects mana continuously. TO use a card, it must be added to your deck. When two cards are added, a castle tier upgrade commences.

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    Your castle has completed upgrading to tier 2. Tier 2 cards are now available to add to your deck. Deploy unit cards on the battlefield. They are heading to the opponent’s castle. Deploy your hero, Jeanne, on the battlefield. Jeanne has great attack speed and deals powerful damage. Use hero’s skill - increases attack speed and movement speed of allies in the skill’s area.After winning a battle, you will get a victory card pack. You are able to upgrade a card on the cards menu. To upgrade cards, duplicate cards and gold will fill up the upgrade meter.

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    Tips (android game): if you want to withdraw your forces in battle, select “return” to return them to the castle. Camp - build on the battlefield to expand your territory and increase your capacity by 5. When you win a ranked match, you can receive a card pack. By completing the quests, you will get promoted to a regular league. All provided quests from battle have a card pack as a reward. Don’t forget to claim them. If you add four cards to your deck, your castle will be upgraded to tier 3.
    Characters Castle Burn: vikings stand on the frontlines with their iron axes and sturdy shields. Their armaments may seem scanty at first look, but they get the job done. Rifleman - war veterans trained to attack their foes from afar. The years they’ve spent on the battlefield have only served to hone their marksmanship and skill with a rifle.

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