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    . Dungeon Hunter Champions cheat free hack code list - gold, gear, soul disc, summon, ascension elixir, unlimited energy, gems, level up, upgrade.

    Prophecies whisper of someone who can rally champions from across the ages. I think you could be that chosen one. To survive journey, you must summon champions to assist you. Summoning a rare champion requires a rare disc. Let’s rid the world of these evil creatures. Control your champion’s movements with the directional pad. Tap attack button to hit enemies with your basic attack skill. Drag the skill button to target both enemies. More enemies characters await you ahead. Strike them with all your might.

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    You can equip your champions with gear to make them more powerful. Tap on the helm to see all available gear for that slot. Another way to make your characters more powerful is to train them. Select hero to use as materials to train the chosen champion. Skills Dungeon Hunter Champions: purify - creates a field of prismatic light which heals nearby allies and removes 2 debuffs from each of them. The champion of the strong element gets a damage bonus. Find gear - by completing adventure scenarios and boss raids. Equip - gear sets of your champions to unlock powerful set bonuses. Upgrade - your gear to enhance the stats of your characters.

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    Tips (android game): press and hold a champion or enemy portrait to see details. Lower value champions 1 star and 2 star are perfect training materials. tap an enemy to order your allies to focus their attacks on that target. While in auto mode, you can still switch to other champions in your party and control them. Once you have finished a mission, don’t forget to claim your rewards. Find common discs in adventure, hack cheats code or buy them in the black market tab in the shop. Powerful attacks from the astromancer and elemental can be easily avoided.

    how to enter hack cheats Dungeon Hunter Champions.

    1. hkTmdGBmux - gold
    2. yMxpM2FYog - gear
    3. uK3snPhOLY - soul disc
    4. HgOGNDesEN - summon
    5. tP8iIYvuGW - ascension elixir
    6. bCBeb8v1LR - unlimited energy
    7. 8W464Wna9B - gems
    8. UaLA0yNaoP - level up
    9. hL0ivAvW6S - upgrade

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