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    When the world took shape, four lights of hope fell. Lights of hope became crystals with different powers. One is Rubrum, the wings of flame with magic power. One is Milites, the steel wrist with magitek armor. One is Concordia, the pure eye piercing the sky. One is Lorican, the mighty shield with a hidden blade. This world is Orience in a spiral samsara, the world is waiting for the Agito. The nameless book recorded is the time of world unity then when 9 and 9 usher 9 the origin will grants the world “trial”. Now the world comes in another spiral.
    Story Final Fantasy Awakening: Driven by the power of the crystal the milites empires, which controls the mechanical power. The launched a surprise attack on the dominion of rubrum. They counter attacked with all their powerful magic. TO seize a final victory, milites sent out all their magitek armor, and so the battle comes closer to a stalemate……..

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    Characters: Windblade warrior - the double sword wielding melee fighter has high health point and is wholesome and yet balanced. Uses incredible speed to kill enemies ahead. Wind cut - forms a mighty tornado, causing levitation. Able to track while in the air. Round dance - jumps in the air and deals massive damage to single enemy. If target in levitation state, deals 50% extra damage. Fire gunner - has ranged capabilities. Deals massive damage to enemies. Fatal shot - double guns both fire, dealing great damage to all enemies in range around user. Grenade attack - throws grenade to deal damage to enemies ahead. Spider mine - cast 5 mechanical spiders to find and attack random targets, dealing area damage. Ice magitek knight Final Fantasy Awakening - a mage who has studied control skills is good at creating an optimal battle environment. Iceberg attack - uses power of frost to summon an iceberg that deals damage to enemies in range, along with freezing for 2 seconds. Frost vortex - casts frost whirlpool beneath target, dealing continuous damage and draining from enemies within range.

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    Tips (android game): I’m your guide, cheat-on! I’m going to teach you the basic controls, so try to keep up! You can set your character’s face and personality based during character creation. Swipe the left control stick to walk. Tap button on the right to attack. Normal attack are the most common method of attack. tap skill to use a powerful skill. Optimal use of skills deals a lot of damage. Use dodge skill fully to move with agility. Use a limit break when your avatar’s head glows. Don’t forget to use your limit break when you come across a large group of enemies. Player’s party will have a total of 5 slots. They will be unlocked as the hero passes chapters and grows. So, to unlock more interesting fights, continue your adventure.
    Secrets Final Fantasy Awakening: remember that party member’s levels can’t exceed the main character’s level! So when you level up, don’t forget to level up your buddies. Go to team dungeon with your friends. You can get eidon upgrades.

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    1. hkTmdGBmux - power up
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    3. uK3snPhOLY - gold coins
    4. HgOGNDesEN - hero summon
    5. tP8iIYvuGW - unlimited energy
    6. bCBeb8v1LR - treasure chest
    7. 8W464Wna9B - free blitz
    8. UaLA0yNaoP - set of rare gear
    9. hL0ivAvW6S - diamonds
    10. U2BcVlimT7 - gem crystal

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