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    . Unknown Heroes cheat free hack code list - 6 star recruitment order, rune (protection, valor, source), gold coins, platinum, campaign ticket, friendship, diamonds gem.

    Characters Unknown Heroes: swordsman is a natural superior fighter, strong body makes him extremely suitable for further fighting the enemy. When facing strong enemy, swordsman also can exert extraordinary strength. The prophet holds strong ice thunder power, can simply cause a wide range damage to enemy. her swift moves allow her to travel freely in battles. Ranger has faster attack speed and strong flexibility, at the same time of cause damage to enemy. Ranger also can get out of it.
    Battle mode Unknown Heroes: I’ll recover half an skill point every turn. I won’t be able to use my skill until i have enough skill point, so it’s imperative that i choose the right time to use it. Time to take down enemies with regular attacks, defensive moves, and skills. Once you’re ready to go, select enter and tap go.

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    Pay attention to the turn bar. The hero at the bottom of the turn bar goes next. Your character is at the bottom, so he gets to take his turn first. Then, according to the turn bar, the enemy will go after our character. That means we should select the enemy as our target. You can select one of the enemies you see before you, or conveniently select one from the turn bar. Pay attention to the location of the turn bar as you get rid of the enemy. All heroes Unknown Heroes have one of three moon properties: old moon, new moon, of fated moon. You can check all the available heroes in the game, as well as information on your heroes, in the collection window.

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    Tips (android game): fusion increases your hero’s level at the cost of other heroes. Blue crystals indicate skill points. The number at the bottom right of the skill icon shows the skill points required for attack. Basic attack don’t consume skill points, but skills do. Higher CON means higher physical defense and health point. The rarer the hero, the higher their physical defense and health point. Tap the left and right arrows in the sector map to choose a new location. You can check all the available heroes in the game, as well as information on your heroes, in the collection window. Some heroes can be reborn with higher rarity through evolution.

    how to enter hack cheats Unknown Heroes.

    1. d4lIQEgnYa - 6 star recruitment order
    2. LX9tufwK4r - rune (protection, valor, source)
    3. zwopwRsRtL - gold coins
    4. tw5kzz8EOi - platinum
    5. PwDlIkAArD - campaign ticket
    6. GI1oeTYMGM - friendship
    7. UYKNdZb6XN - diamonds gem
    8. tzxX98FHUg - level up
    9. OzZyAQOFxr - evolve

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