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    World story: the kingdom of Heiland was a peaceful one. but alas, this period of bliss did not last. It was struck with a dragon’s curse - the Hex of Tiamat light became darkness. Peace turned into chaos, and animals transformed into monsters. But from tragedy came bravery, as the heroes of Heiland stand defiant. Together, the fight to protect their kingdom, and leave a legacy of strength and hope.
    Secrets gameplay Dragon Project: when an ally’s health point reaches 0, enter the circle that appears to fill the revive gauge! If it fills all the way, your ally will be revived! The more people assisting, the faster it will go! When the fatigue gauge reaches maximum, the monster will collapse, and chance markers will appear all over its body! Attack the chance markers to inflict huge damage. Tap and hold to pull the bowstring, then release to fire! The longer you hold, the more powerful the attack.

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    You can move even without touching your character. Tap anywhere on the screen to attack. Hold to guard against enemy’s attack. Reduce damage by guarding! Prevents knockback as well. Mission detail - everything you need to know about your mission is here. Shocked monsters take damage for a set duration and have their actions canceled. Use your rewards to forge a piece of equipment. Use summon tickets Dragon Project to battle Behemoth monsters for materials to forge powerful equipment. When stunned, you cannot execute any actions. Tap repeatedly to recover more quickly. For normal type dual blades, tap and hold to unleash a powerful dance of shaches! utilize your invincibility during the jump to avoid enemy attacks.

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    Tips (android game): defeat the Behemoth and earn materials to forge strong equipment. Successful cleave attacks will fill the enemy’s fatigue gauge more quickly. Slay monsters and gather tablets. Combined materials to craft powerful equipment. use gems or other specified digital currency to get a chance to receive 1 random magi. Use magi in battles to your advantage and to assist others. All tickets Dragon Project have a validity period. Please note that once this period has ended, you will no longer be able to use them. After guarding, release your finger at the right time to deliver a counter slash. Deal massive damage to enemy monsters! There are various skills with different areas of effect and elemental attributes.

    how to enter hack cheats Dragon Project.

    1. wiqOliU1Vx - gold
    2. lDNdQaBtvH - crystals
    3. BSrqkjlJ3w - summon ticket
    4. bQXRWyJn1E - tablets
    5. puI7c9wJ43 - materials
    6. 6cXvZoeZZS - craft
    7. 7oaKbh8F3s - gems
    8. pTPfNatHMi - enhance
    9. GCfGuxLjB7 - free revive

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