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    Welcome to the king of iron fist tournament. The largest fighting tournament in the world. Basic controls: attack are performed by tapping on the right side of the screen. Heavy attacks that guard break are performed by holding on the right hand side of the screen. You can block an opponent’s attack by holding on the left side of the screen. There are different types of WAZA cards. Each type has its own special effects when used on an opponent. Guard break WAZA cards are used to break through opponents who are guarding.

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    Strike WAZA cards are powerful moves that deal large damage and are great combo finishers. Combine cards for maximum damage. Use your guard break to get through enemy defense to set up a combo attack. Strikes are great combo finishers. make sure to use it before it’s too late. Experiment with all of the WAZA card types to create more devastating combos. Story mode - each act will contain five chapters for you to fight through before unlocking the next act. Begin your quest to recover the fighters strength and learn the identity of these new adversaries.
    Select fighter TEKKEN Mobile - this is the pre-fight screen, where you choose who you want to take into battle. Explore every path of a chapter for a special reward. Health recover- if a fighter is injured you can heal them by selecting this button. Fighter’s health in Tekken is persistent. This means the fighters will not regain health point at the end of each fight. You can choose to use multiple healing items at one if you so choose (or hack cheats code). When the healing item is used your fighter will regain health point. Fighter HP will regenerate slowly when they are not locked into a game mode.

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    Tips (android game): each chapter will contain several battles leading up to an epic boss fight at the end. You’ll need a team of three fighters to take on a chapter. When picking a team ensure to have different element types. Having multiple element types will ensure you’ll always have a fighter with a favourable match-up. Collecting more fighters will give you more options for building a team. Take care to note who the chapter boss is when creating your team. Higher rarity fighters have access to features that lower rarity fighters do not. Tap to lock in your fighters and begin the chapter. Fighters who are locked in one game mode cannot be used in other modes. Strike cards will trump other cards.There are four type of elemental shards TEKKEN Mobile: earth, lightning, water and fire. leveling up your fighters will grant you skill point which can be used to acquire skills. You can power up your fighter’s various abilities and customize them to fit your playstyle. Upgrading your skills will increase your fighter’s overall power level.

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    1. aTqwTv7aZn - star fragment
    2. lUinvwsfyu - greater healing
    3. his60pF3Jq - boost
    4. NVTQmU0u63 - shards
    5. FHx7mSYbLC - gold coins
    6. lk4iZyOTuT - level up
    7. TyKVBREfZy - skill points
    8. A5WhwzB1lO - gem crystal
    9. ReIyNDBXDi - upgrade

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