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    . Union League cheat free hack code list - unlimited stamina, soul stone, crystals, gold, gem diamonds, skill points, upgrade, level up, shards, hero fragment.

    Skill: pick & swing to blow - while rush a short distance given a physical damage in front of the enemy, if you want to use the skill in a row, you defeat the enemy around wielding a sword. When strengthening, damage increase.
    Secrets gameplay Union League: upon completion of the stage quest, you can use the raid ticket. Mineral that can be acquired in the gold selling.Part of equipment that can be acquired in each stage number is different. Here, the weapon only, where the come out only armor, is like this. In the mine obtained the wake stone to awakening the hero of ability. And sometimes to complete the upper stage, you can discover the Bosureido.

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    Union League cheats android, ios hack codes
    Items are divided into weapon, armor, head accessory, and hand accessory. Only appropriate items can be attached to each part. Even if it is the same item, there are many grades. The higher the better. But the better ones are only available in dangerous places. The items that are perfect for you, very important because it is, always do not forget the effort to find a good item. Part of equipment that can be acquired in each stage number is different. Bosudeido, the probability to obtain a high grade of items as a successful high level will be higher. In order to strengthen the hero is required soul stone Union League and gold. Do not miss the daily quest! This is the most important way to increase the team level.

    Union League - secret code hack tips

    Tips (android game): when you drag on the skill button at the time of the battle, a description of the skills you will see. So strengthen the items, all of the capacity value of the item will increase. Do not miss the daily quests! This is the most important way to increase the team level. So do not forget to find a good item. Personal curiosity of Julian is very dangerous. it is the continent dangerous not just a danger. The 10 minutes before the arena aggregate is finished you will not be able to do admission to the arena. Some of the daily quests, can not be open when the team level is not ready. Store items are updated every 6 hours.

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    1. qjObJvXvB1 - unlimited stamina
    2. iVinxWbeMC - soul tone
    3. 3h6jeX17Yz - crystals
    4. S7PAuUAZ3u - gold
    5. Qqm54XQ0kH - gem diamonds
    6. VBHt8J8Onx - skill points
    7. TTMSKwgbfi - upgrade
    8. AWMLz9cZ7d - shards
    9. axgyJgbdo0 - here fragment

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