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    . Cover Fire cheat free hack code list - unlock characters, no reload, auto aim, unlimited clip size, gold, cash, vip points, epic crate, level up, upgrade.

    Tetracorp has invaded us, only you can stop them and reveal the hidden truth. This android game uses 3d touch to shoot. Bar shows how hard you press the screen. Press the screen until you reach the red mark. Press down lightly to enter sniper mode. release to leave zoom. Cards improve your team skills and your combat level. These are your fixed skills Cover Fire: clip size, reload, bullet piercing, damage, critical hit, cover, reaction time, shield, camouflage, health. Get more cards to make them more powerful and increase your combat level.

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    Cover Fire cheats android, ios hack codes
    Clip size - increases the magazine capacity. Reaction time - increases time available to destroy explosive devices. The PERKs require a minimum charge level to use them. Press PERk button to activate it! Each PERK consumes 25% of the charge. Choose 4 characters and weapons available to customize your team and improve abilities during missions. Crouch when you are under fire to avoid getting hurt. be aware because it has limited resistance.

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    Tips (android game): skills - improve them and you’ll get a higher combat level. Each time you upgrade your skills you also upgrade your combat level. The combat level is required to unlock new chapters and missions. Upgrade your team skills to increase your combat level. Destroy grenades in air to avoid damage. Sometimes you could move to new cover when it is available. Perks can help you to accomplish to objectives. Remember to use your perks to survive. Destroy grenades to damage multiple enemies at the same time.

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    1. FPz14RLDKk - unlock characters
    2. s6AaEWoWIt - no reload
    3. c1gJ1ZcMG7 - auto aim
    4. JId1Kt1jyX - unlimited clip size
    5. LISpDMkPa5 - gold
    6. 16BEcrs828 - cash
    7. mJM7C8P8fZ - vip points
    8. DUKBz6bq3L - epic crate
    9. 22loeubCQK - level up

    title: hack Cover Fire
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