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    Young warrior you’re here! humanity’s biggest challenge awaits you! The world’s most ferocious enemies have been sealed in time and space. Souls of Gulu tribe is hovering in between time and space gap. I will help you activate the sealed history chapter. The Lulas raging, many gods are angry, bestow human power to be able to fight the Lulas. Human that receive the power, is the warrior chosen by gods. 12 warrior that have the power of gods fought equally with the Lulas, this war cause the earth shattering, even the santuary felt the snake. Finally the Lulas withdraw.

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    Characters: Swordsman - good at attack and defense, good at controlling. Priest - long range summoner, talented in group battle. Clown - high crit rate, high damage dealer. The spirit in front of you is a creature we called pet. Pet is created by the power of crystal, using the factor of creature created replica. Human have the power to order pets, he will fight for you. the Lulas have overwhelming power, thus human use the power of crystal and factor of enemy, to create pet that have the same fighting power with the enemy.

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    The humans applied their knowledge of iron smelting, gained over thousands of years, to start manufacturing weapons, which they then had delivered to the frontlines. There’s truly nothing that can beat human ingenuity. if they can make better use of their strengths, perhaps this kind of tragedy will never happen again. Crazily summon pet, crystals in the wonderland, may one day facing depletion. The despair of the humankind had finally committed a mistake, the copy of their target, turn from enemy into gods.
    Tips (android game) Seal New World: after assist and spectating pets are defeated, character are recover. Enchanted pets, soul return gives back all cogs. Set up assist and spectating pets, like having 2 extra layers.

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    1. YDTQHHNfw7 - lucky draw
    2. fiSpz1w1CU - enhance
    3. twRxlW0Y2n - gold
    4. KGbXiW0ic0 - gem crystal
    5. Ro7IqV4oUd - upgrade
    6. RQo8HNEB7R - level up
    7. 3cbDu9s2hH - vip points
    8. PYy8WwTICc - premium pack
    9. OQtlnp7pMq - unlimited stamina energy

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