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    Destroy the red tower to win. You spend energy every time you issue a command. Help our minions beat the enemy! Attack the tower together with our minions. Towers are powerful and do a lot of damage. Slaying enemy champions creates an extra minion wave. Push quickly to take the tower. Use skill to stun your enemies. Tips: ganging up on a hero can be good way to secure a kill. You don’t get any coins after the 16th victory of a day. Trying to shake hands with Aria is probably a bad idea. First victory in a day awards you free gems. level up you heroes and spells to have the upper hand in battles.

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    Characters: Grandt - is a member of the Photon knights, elite defenders of the realm of Lumensphere. He wields an exceptional blade “lightrend’, crafted from a piece of a fallen meteorite crystal. It is often said to never pick a fight with a Photon knight, as it would just end in a flash. Aria (the fallen star) - on that fateful night, witnesses described a flaming streak tearing across the night sky lighting up the lands. Then came an explosion that woke the night. Curious villagers found a young girl with fiery red hair, unconscious at the eye of the crater. When she awoke, she remembers her name, Aria, but couldn’t remember how or why she came to be.

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    You have spells! Use them like your skills and destroy the towers. Drag skill and release toward direction around champion. Skill: star gravitation - Aria levitates all enemies in a 3.5 radius, dealing a total of 111 damage and stunning them for 2.5 seconds. Fireball - throw a fireball which explodes upon enemy contact, dealing damage in a radius.
    Hero Brawlstar Legends Elli (the little Fumigator) - no one knows exactly how old Eli is but mentions of a “wandering child holstering a massive Ram, guarded by a mechanical Bee’ can be found in the old records as early as 200 years ago. Some say that in her youth, Elli encountered a powerful witch that exiled her family from their homeland and cursed her to never age.

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