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    . Pocket Mine 3 cheat free hack code list - treasure chest, unlimited pickaxe, keys, more dynamites, bombs, drills, cash money, legendary gear, craft, upgrade blacksmith, level up, gem crystal.

    Welcome to new android game. Let’s dig in! Pickaxe attribute indicates how many hits you have left. Defense attribute shows how much damage you can absorb. Key attribute show how many treasure chests you can open. Your pick loses durability for every block you hit. Some blocks are harder to break than others. Some blocks will drop ores that are worth bucks. Open chests treasure to find artifacts. It requires one key or hack cheat code. Gathered artifacts are part of a collection. Complete each collection for a reward. Now that you got the basics. It’s time to dig on your own.

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    Pocket Mine 3 cheats android, ios hack codes
    When you run out of hits, your pickaxe breaks and the game is over. Crafting new gear will help you dig deeper in the mines by boosting a digger’s attributes. The pick you’ve just crafted will increase the number of block you can hit before it breaks. Rare gear also provide a power that affects the mine. Epic gear have a chance to give an extra power and an extra boost to an attributes. Legendary gear have unique power with a guaranteed extra boost to an attribute. Upgrade your blacksmith to craft more powerful gear. The next gear you’ll craft will be at least level up.

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    Block: explosive drill crates - a drill that digs down in a vertical line and explodes in a horizontal line when done digging. Dynamite crates - explode in a horizontal line when you break them. They will now appear in the mine. Bomb crates - explode in a spectacular way when you break them. They will now appear in the mine. Drill dig down in a vertical line when you break their crate. They will now appear in the mine.
    Tips Pocket Mine 3: Adventure menu - this is where your adventure begins. Monsters are lurking deep in the mines. Their attack will damage your pickaxe. gear with shield will absorb monster attack and save your pickaxe from extra damage. Hitting a monster while it’s startled prevents it from attacking your digger. Reach the idol and smash it to get a reward.

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    1. tIVLHNFxPi - treasure chest
    2. XLt83JxkE2 - unlimited pickaxe
    3. 7BDchsnkHc - keys
    4. iHgmqze5lZ - more dynamites
    5. DcO3YcQiKn - bombs
    6. 58K6Gpb5Zd - cash money
    7. QBCttpwdtm - legendary gear
    8. tlM8i2b7OB - craft
    9. LBtSSmAxrj - upgrade blacksmith
    10. 1riN8vi1UJ - level up
    11. nKSJ03PxLZ - gem crystal.

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