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    Commander, we have successfully landed on the planet. now we need to establish connection with the satellite to get the map of the area. It will take some time. The perimeter defense was organized by cheat-on, the commander of the mercenaries. Communication with the satellite has been established, and we’ve received the coordinates of the enemy units in the vicinity. Let's give them hell! We can call for air support in combat. however, this requires the latest academy technologies. Cutting edge technologies, ranging from a bombing run to a satellite laser strike. Commander, try using a satellite laser strike by tapping on the corresponding icon located in the bottom panel.

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    By destroying enemy units, we will obtain valuable resources necessary to increase the power of the army. Characters: combat troopers - are equipped with outdated, but nonetheless sturdy and reliable armored suits. These warriors have a great combative spirit and can use a wide range of weapons. Nemesis guardsmen - are equipped with contemporary imperial armor, whose blueprints were successfully stolen by the corporation spies. The armor allows these units to resist firearm damage pretty well, whilst the shield allows them to survive the heat of the battle. Heavy long range machine guns are the weapons of choice of the guardsmen.

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    Tips: artifact is an in-game shop with two types of chests that contain various loot. Tactical tasks - as a reward for completing these tasks, you will get valuable resources and items necessary for upgrading your army. You can obtain valuable items by opening artifacts. This includes equipment, too! By opening a simple artifact, you may obtain a weapon, a unit, or various game resources. Make your army more powerful by increasing the level of your units. This can be done by using experience containers or hack cheats bug code Galaxy Rangers. Army menu - you can view all your units here, as well as their data and weapons. it’s important to know that the unit level can not exceed the commander (account) level. make your army more powerful by increasing the weapon level of your units. This can be done in exchange for credits.

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    1. V6azjXRbPN - unlimited energy
    2. ll3fiDIpFL - credits
    3. jc9B28fHXp - large artifact
    4. uXuXNOlReq - free raid
    5. 9bnSawT27a - gold coins
    6. 7ntBjKqBex - gem crystal
    7. GRtyz5to6Q - level up
    8. 1oZZTlVpVO - evolve
    9. tRkwSFF5Cv - shard material

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