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    Hi, nice to meet you! I am cheat-on, the guide of bright light knight order. I will give some brief introduction on light and shadow for you. I am newbie - rookie mode< basic movement, attack, and casting. Master mode - new mode tutorial: Brawl mode. ALright, the bright light knight order trial will begin soon. You seem like a newbie adventurer, i guess i’ll have to give you a “cheat-on’s special training”! Enough talking, let our story begin. The left side is your control panel. Swipe in the left area to control your character’s movement. Tap the right area to unleash your character’s ability.

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    However, i’m still curious if you can unleash the full power of ultimate awakened light. Gather the power of light on your sword hand and focus on performing this skill. Cast fairy ability to absorb damages, and then defeat enemy character. Now that you learned about basic combat, we’re going to move on and put them in practice, get ready for a challenge. Brawl mode - this level will explain: distribution of four teams, talent quick learning, ability upgrade and mastery, and energy collection and win condition.
    Skill talent Light x Shadow: pental shield - armor and resistance: 10% of damage dealt when fairy ability is activated will turn into shield. Volatile seed - basic attack deals 5 damage per second, last 3 seconds. Volatile seed can cause attacks to inflict poison on enemies. Spreading fissure - increased area damage to 3 ticks and increase range.

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    Tips: talents can help you increase your attributes, each fairy has three different unique talent. Killing any enemy units in combat will grant you gold coins. With enough gold, you can learn a talent. Staying at base to quickly regenerate health point and mana. Attacking an energy chest will cause energy to drop, when you reach maximum energy, you will receive a super buff. The energy chest back there is just one of the ways to obtain energy. After the match, the three teams with the highest kill count wins. Note: during a tie of kill counts, the last one to obtain the score will be ranked higher. Every time we level up a character, the abilities can be upgraded. When an ability is “maxed out”, you can add the “mastery” effect to the ability.

    Light x Shadow hacked version

    There are many different paths for skill mastery, you can unlock them at the codex system when not in a match. With the help of fairy, you can conquer the battlefield more easily. Pinball land - you can earn many useful rewards here. With some luck, you can even get some rare rewards. Pay attention to the panel on top, release the pinball at the right moment. Hold the ability icon and slide outwards to cancel casting. You will receive the reward which the pinball falls into. When the luck meter is full, receive 10 additional pinballs as reward. You learned all the basics in such a short time, you got potential!

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    1. yBxr6JisJ0 - gold
    2. tUgrISlE6H - pinball
    3. 3z1rk3ohKQ - gift
    4. ckiZ6ouDJE - gem crystla
    5. vCUO06JNq5 - unlock hero
    6. pzwNGHhCS9 - level up
    7. jmThJZW2o8 - upgrade
    8. 5pMg7BTgrP - vip pack
    9. 3ynHP3Q1Wx -premium ticket

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