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    Characters: 1) Warriors - Roland - noble knight Roland’s armor. A typical warrior class that sweeps through enemies with solid armor and a huge sword. Alester - the cursed armor of death knight ALester. Alester uses both the great sword and the terrible curse of the evil spirits at the same time, resulting enemies to experience helpless defeat. Alon - the armor of Alon, the guardian of the ironwall. Alon takes the enemy’s attack for the sake of his allies. And his sacred hammer punishes the enemy. 2) Rogue ROYAL LEAGUE - Cao - shadow assassin Cao’s wardrobe. A cold blooded assassin cuts off the enemy at once, aiming at the blind spot of the enemy. Elowin - the hunting suit of Elowin, the master of the archery. She does not allow the enemy’s approach using her brilliant speed and fusillade. Dancer - the legendary dancer Baleria’s dress. With a beautiful but dangerous dance moves, she kills with the sharp chakram.

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    3) mage - Emile - elemental magical genius Emile’s dress. The impactful attack power of fire and ice is the strongest among the heroes. Melisa - the penitent priest Melisa’s robe. A powerful rear supporter who heals and strengthens the weak soldiers to suppress the enemy lines. Mei - the shinsoo’s contractor, Mei’s taoist arts wear. Mei, owner of a mysterious aura, is accompanied by a pet, bound in a chain of contracts.
    Game controls: there are two game control modes, the touch mode and the joystick mode. Select the control mode you prefer. I suggest the touch mode to the newbies.You may access the setting menu to change the movement control mode and enable the skill control. Destroy the enemy core tower at the end of the line to win the battle. Tap attack button on the bottom right to attack the enemy.

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    Tips: when enchanting a rune, special abilities can be added. Runes of the same property can be used as material to enchant the runes. Skills can be used by touching the skill buttons at the bottom. A hero has 4 skills. To win in battle you have to use them properly. You can activate skill boost if you use essence point before it is full. When you’re in skill boost state, skill’s cooldown time decreases and the attack power increases. I recommend you to engage auto battle at the bottom till you get used to the battle. Tap the daily button, you can check your attendance status. Tap the practice button to play a practice game. The practice game does not affect the medal counts.

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    Tap the 1 us 1 button to play 1 on 1 battle. if you do not select continue after quitting or a disconnection, you can’t join another game for 5 minutes. Weapon essence - increases one experience point of a weapon. Win upon achieving one of the following conditions: instant win for destroying the opponent’s core tower. If both core towers are not destroyed, one with the higher core tower hp wins. if both tower’s HP are equal, one with the higher team level wins. heroes can attack both air and ground Gold and materials are required to level up, enchant and upgrade your equipment.

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    1. Cj0coPvUNt - arena medals
    2. cT803spc44 - gold
    3. 8oPKXzX6Qm - gems
    4. NhCKWJG3jl - level up
    5. Z4kOtBHV7b - essence
    6. 3SsUGzZIb4 - upgrade
    7. 9WNmBr8mJp - gift pack
    8. h7QWW6u1fJ - tickets

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