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    . Radiation City cheat free hack code list - attribute point, food, unlimited radiation resistance, stamina, vitality, speed up, upgrade, craft material.

    Controls: Use the right side of the screen to turn around. Use the bottom left side of the screen to walk towards the highlighted object ahead. Your stance buttons are in the right bottom section of the screen. Running depletes your stamina so you need to manage your sprinting time. You have all your primary status indicators you need to watch out for: health, hunger, thirst, radiation, etc. high hunger will slowly damage your health while a full belly will improve it. They can also be tapped for quick health or food fixes. Use quick slots bar at the bottom to quickly access critical items.

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    YOu can craft a set of items which can prove useful. However these are mere improvisations and patchwork, the real gear you need for progression is out there. Action buttons are present on both sides of your screen. By default they will fire your equipped weapon. If you have a flashlight equipped you can turn it on and off. You will need to find one before using it. You can highlight your current task and its position with the quest button. Inside your tablet you can check your progress and stats. It’s icon is positioned in the top right corner. When the tablet is open it will pause the game.

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    Tips: more help and tips are available during the game in the marked area. All help displayed in those tips can be accessed from the notebook’s help section. Each piece of clothing contributes to our overall inventory capacity. Find better clothing for an expanded pockets count. The tablet contains various information: area maps, a survival task list, performance stats and settings. Tap the inventory icon to open your backpack. This section shows your currently equipped gear and your condition status.

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    1. qY3OsOfbgv - attribute points
    2. IcQgDz0xWr - food
    3. k0YyUtbZGq - maximum radiation resistance
    4. 3mQmxN9nzp - unlimited stamina
    5. M0UwPSnbWN - vitality
    6. g3AzXqsNWb - speed up
    7. WGeD8mwvPC - craft material

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