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    . The God of Highschool cheat free hack code list - rubies, gold, unlimited energy, summon hero, level up, evolve, skill point, gift pack, vip status.

    World story: it all started centuries ago. The prelude to this war began on the day when the conflict between the heavenly emperor and the divine realm arose. Hundreds of years after the great battle between Buddha and the heavenly emperor.
    Controls: use the direction keys to move to the battlefield. Touch the direction keys twice in a row to dash. Use the attack key to defeat all of the enemies. Hold down the attack button to perform consecutive attacks. You can jump to avoid enemy’s attack. Mana point gauge The God of Highschool - when you attack or are attacked, MP accumulates, and MP is used when you use tagging, dodge or skills. Touch the left-right movement button: move quickly. Touch it twice: dash.

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    So you’re the type that likes to fight alone, but you need to fight strategically with the help of teammates. based on what i’ve heard from the Judges, someone named Mad Cow daewi Han who conquered the Gangnam area is considering entering the GOH. This is your chance to prove your strength to those guys rushing at you fearlessly. Chapter menu - this is where you can see information about adventure stages and enemies which appear. You can see detailed information about the enemies which appear. In time limit maps, it’s very important to clear the stage quickly within the given time limit. Powerful attack type heroes are most effective.

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    Tips: if you maintain your team vitality at over 70% - you can obtain 3 stars! In wave maps, a large number of enemies continue to appear. heroes which deal significant damage to enemies within range are effective in battle. I’ll tell you about auto battle which makes gameplay more comfortable. It may be a bit weaker than playing yourself, but it’s a very convenient feature. Even during auto battle, you can control the battle yourself. So make good use of this feature. A defense type boss reduces the defense of the player appears. Summon a friend at the right moment to effectively beat the boss. Friends appear with powerful skills, and provide significant help in battle for 20 seconds.

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    2. 3Hk9btjbu4 - rubies
    3. Uh4RR6yCtt - gold
    4. kaypnZt8Fn - unlimited energy
    5. mYHHYnZFhc - summon hero
    6. NEK0Ozf7tf - level up
    7. WslAyeslWV - evolve
    8. D2xzMacVPm - skill point
    9. 4ZrEphMO68 - gift pack

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