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    World story Anvil War of Heroes: soo, you the new demigod? The ones all fighting to get into that new vacant seat on Olympus? great, all demigods need someone to shepherd them around. Spearmen - powerful cards, like this one, will enable you to become a super mighty demigod. Battle deck - cards you collect go into it and are then used in battle. Use your spearmen card to take out Phemus, the Cyclops and destroy its cave. Each time you activate a card, it will cost you mana. Your mana regenerates over time, so you can keep activating your card. Destroying buildings will add mana points to your mana bar.

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    Welcome, demigod! Yes, it is me, cheat-on! With your new card, claim this old temple in my honor. This city and its heroes are yours to rule now. Good thing the Gods grant you special powers. Odyssey - from here, you can fight other demigods or go on epic adventures. You win battles by destroying buildings with your cards. Earn stars based on destruction. More stars, more loot. As you collect cards from battles, they are all put into your card collection. Cards can be improved once you have some special experience cards.

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    Tips, cards: promethean bombardiers - best us wood and organic. Can’t attack flying units. Has fire damage will work against buildings tagged with wood. Fury - a flying assassin is deployed unseen by enemy towers, until they attack. Spearmen garrison - spearmen will come to the aide of your city when under attack. The fight against evil never ends. Completing quests is a great way to earn rewards, or even unlock Gods. From the market, you can purchase card packs, resources and gems. Inspecting a card allows you to see what it’s good and bad against. You have taken your first step into a much larger world. Fight, collect, build - all that epic stuff!

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