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    Story world: Pandora’s box is full of hope and greed it has the power to change souls. The Olympus gods used it to control the human race. However, Titan, the former tyrant took the box away from Olympus. The war between Olympus and Titans was declared again. At the forefront of war, there were 4 figures valiantly fighting for Olympus’ honor. Olympus won the battle, but the war wasn’t over.

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    Use Lion shock to decrease received damage. Use healing raindrop to restore health point. Use love snipe and cause massive damage. Go to the market draw to summon gods and end the Titans’ schemes. Use gold or gems to draw cards. Get heroes and lots of rare resources.
    Characters: Mercury - can go faster than thunderclap and lightning. He can even get to tomorrow before the sun. Cupid - the golden bow is his weapon of choice. Anyone who is shot by Cupid’s arrow suffers the sweetness of uncontrollable desire and love. Heracles - the greatest hero in Greek mythology, known for his extraordinary courage, strength.

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    Tips, cards: use the sweep scroll to sweep and to directly get level rewards. All heroes you gain can be set as your avatar. Your friends can send you stamina every day. Don’t forget to send them stamina back. Get 3 star in each level to clear it and to claim treasure rewards. You can adjust push notification, graphic quality, etc. in settings. If you don’t know what to do, then go on a quest! Try to use the materials we got from the beasts and synthesize it into new equipment. Spend materials and gold to synthesize new equipment, upgrade it and equip it to make your hero stronger. Click equip now to simultaneously upgrade multiple equipment on the hero.

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    1. P4qZvNhZiz - stamina
    2. 9PohTuenb8 - rune
    3. UgVSRctjwD - talents
    4. TnZV9tZLU5 - equipment
    5. G4YitD4WTE - upgrade
    6. ksPb9XRIBt - gems
    7. NG7ZmO4vkl - gold
    8. JQFZBqHhmI - heroes
    9. sD7VB7qt5A - raid tickets
    title: hack Olympians vs Titans
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