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    Story world War in Pocket: welcome to the mercenaries. Stand straight, rookie! I’m army commander cheat-on, your officer! Everybody wants to be a world renowned commander. however, only the strong survive. I will teach you basic knowledge every soldier should know. Listen carefully. Wartime command center, generally called the Base. If it is destroyed, the mission will fail, please keep it safe. Slide the screen the whole battlefield. The objective of this mission is to destroy the enemy base. See the shiny area? it means the place is occupied and you can deploy soldiers there. You’ve deployed a rifleman team - it automatically moves towards and attacks enemies.

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    Maintain your advantage is the first rule of combat.Deploy more soldiers and destroy the enemy base once and for all. It is important to know the enemy’s set up. That’s why you should always deploy a batch of soldiers to push the frontline. The enemy deployed shieldman with high defense. They’re way too tough for rifleman troops. We need MC infantry’s power to deal with the shieldman. When you need high firepower to suppress enemies, the nightmare bringer with high firepower and survivability is always your best choice. Soldiers deployed at the very beginning can explore the way and push the frontline. Make good use of them. it is hard to defeat enemies hiding behind sandbags. it would be great if we could attack them from behind. When you want to destroy some buildings and carriers, the bazooka is always a good choice.

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    Tips: mc infantries won’t be interrupted by attacks. health point of sniper is quite low. You’d better deploy him away from the frontline. Placing baits properly could attract massive firepower. Snipers would choose unis high value and attack them first. Bazooka - despite of his long reload time, the ranged unit with high firepower could easily destroy tanks and buildings according to your need. Military archives - fires of all generals are kept in the military archives. You could recruit the famous generals here.

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