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    Story world Battlejack: when the Earth was young, the mother of trees stood tall. They called it Yggdrasil, the protector of all. But every thousand years Chaos gathers its might to warp the balance of life and bring forth endless night. Three brave heroes were sought to bond the elements once more and summon a timeless spirit, the Guardian from ancient lore. But it was their final chance, for the hour was getting late as the darkness gathered to seal the heroes’ fate.
    Welcome to Midgard, Guardian Battlejack. We will follow your lead. I guess we should start with the basks…Midgard is in danger, a nearly endless battle against all evil lies ahead. THe gates to this world have finally been opened and you are among the first brave adventurers. Gather your heroes, shuffle your cards and get ready! The people of Midgard have lived in peace for many, many generations. No one remembers chaos anymore. Now chaos has awoken the dragons from their lairs, and the monsters of yore are roaming the forest again! As you can see, yggdrasil has begun to wither already. We must get to it fast and free it of chaos it’s too late.

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    I am cheat-on, the messenger of the Gods. I was sent here to protect you from chaos until you are ready. I think i can help you, but i can revive only one mortal. You are the guardian of this realm, but there are others in faraway kingdoms. You are able to temporarily borrow their strength. The other guardins have heroes similar to yours. Reinforce our party with a hero from another guardian. Notice how mana cards activate the heroes with the same element. You can target a specific enemy by tapping it.
    Hero Battlejack: Eldric - is an upper class aristocrat who devoted his life to fire magic studies from an early age. Some say he sacrificed his heart and soul to the fire. Amelia - stood out among other ice fairies because of her exceptional ability to heal others. many a desperate traveler has defied the northern blizzards seeking her help.

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    Tips: most heroes have a unique skill and a powerful combo skill with another hero. The more cards you draw, the more mana point we have to use. Don’t go over 21, though. 21 triggers all heroes and gives an extra 3x attack multiplier. Every hero has a secret power that charges a bit after each attack. Select 3 hero cards to fuse with main hero. Capturing is very straightforward: simply defeat an enemy, and there is chance they will join you! Only one enemy can be captured per battle, though. Green arrow indicates bonus damage against the targeted enemy. Red arrow indicates reduced damage. To attack, we heroes need mana points. As a guardian, you control the mana cards.

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    1. OtjztHKCXs - gradn chest
    2. uLALbDlLYG - unlimited energy
    3. tOLSWFO7f5 - evolve
    4. NqFSOMhIOg - gems
    5. sF2VsjutDZ - keys
    6. Ir8tYNODxV - upgrade
    7. h0iDNJyxLC - level up
    8. fwZ5zuyjpn - gift pack

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