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    World story Endless dungeon: is it the past or the future? Is it the Eastern world or the western world? The mysterious fantasy world, the Illiad. And the second born son Arthur of ruined noble family. He has a bravery dream that becoming the knights to hunt the red dragon for the rebuilding of the honor of his family. But his father and the first son doesn’t want such reckless courage and suggests to become an ordinary employee. To protect his last self pride, he decides to leave his journey to kill the red dragon that no one had been hunted during 1000 years, as the knights. But, unlike his dream, leaving home gives a lot of troubles, especially to the unprepared young knights. However, sometimes the newbies’ journey can be started with the luck.
    Finally, he found the tomb of the ancient knight Endless dungeon who killed a red dragon 1000 years ago. And found the way how to use time stone which was set in his mother’s pendant relic. Right now! the only way to kill the red dragon is running to the dungeon with the infinite power of time stone. Ooops! Be careful! Arthur’s face seems to be 40 years old at the age of 17, due to the after effects of the time slip. The only way to bring back his face age is to wash his face with the red dragon’s blood. Unexpectedly started, but splendid…! Dragon hunting story is starting now!

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    My name is cheat-on. Welcome to the Illiad continent. Remember to remember these three things to survive here. First, collect your gold by clearing quests. gather gold and set the quest to auto quest. Second, upgrade your heroes with gold, and challenge the higher stage. Third, make sure to check the red “!” mark. Complete daily missions and earn more cubics. Flashback button gives you more information and prizes. To upgrade heroes, you need soul stones and evolve stones. You need to collect a magic stone for the field blessing from the Endless dungeon Boss raid, boss clear bonus, etc. Use resist potions to increase various resistance abilities. You can clear the stage faster using blessing boost ups. You can collect a potions craft materials from the field hunting by checking dropped resources. Touch the strengthen icon to upgrade your heroes. If you do a time loop from the higher stages, you will receive more time stones.

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    Tips: use resist potions to increase various resistance abilities. You can summon new hero by 10 stage. Check “!” mark and summon new hero. To use summoned heroes, add new hero on your battle deck. get free five stars heroes from the treasure chest! Whenever you get a new hero, summon waiting time will be required based on the grade of the heroes. But, you can instantly use it by using cubics or hack cheats bug mode codes. Daily dungeon will be reset at 4 AM. You can get a boss clear bonus ticket in every 50 stages. Click the hero icon to see the hero information. You can purchase various newbie package from the premium shop.

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    1. e4y20qzAzi - epic treasure chest
    2. vlSLRL5jvL - gold coins
    3. yECg8mqn84 - gems
    4. EnbNa5Psro - crystals
    5. BqRTh2HY4s - soulstones
    6. dlivXfw0f1 - cubics
    7. il5u8ZG7vB - magic stones
    8. clHPJBPiKx - evolve
    9. CwC4Lw20AZ - hero summon
    10. vAiQGb1Md0 - craft materials
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