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    World story Home Behind: The conflict on Earth rages on. On a quiet morning on your farm at the edge of the desert. You are hard at work, but it is difficult to hide the worry inside your heart. The civil war, it seems, has spread across the country like wildfire. many of your neighbors chose to flee, abandoning their lives at home. To protect your family, perhaps it would have been wise to leave as well. As these thoughts crossed your mind. The sound of gunfire erupts in the distance. The shadows of men and tanks can be seen approaching though the smoke. It’s the rebels! You recognize them immediately. The stories of their atrocities come flashing into your mind. Suddenly, you hear a whistling sound shrieking through the air, and a rocket explodes near your feet. The blast rips through your body. You’re lucky to be alive. “Run!”, you scream, but you can barely hear your own voice. Through the tears in your eyes, you see your brother holding your daughter, running for his life. Get up! You must survive. The sound of the rebels’ footsteps are growing louder. A massive pain erupts as you suffer a heavy blow to your head. Darkness… surrounds you...

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    Job: Farmer - while picking up dry grass, you have a higher chance to receive double the items. You are a farmer. Tending crops is your one and only specialty. You are carrying a few left over potatoes. Worker - so you’re quite fit and have a higher carrying capacity.
    Game Home Behind controls: game speed will slow down when opening your bag. Your gear- which includes your weapon, armor, headgear, and shoes. The items section of your bag displays all items you currently possess. Capacity - if you’re carrying too much, you move speed will be greatly reduced. You may also craft certain items. Higher level items may be crafted using lower level items as materials. tap fight and you will begin auto attacking the enemy. Once your rage is completely full, you may manually unleash a heavy strike. Tap defend to put up your defenses. Your rage will be recharged if you defend successfully! Important note! Once you’ve entered a fight, you will only be able to use 1 med. You may not use other items or save.

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    Tips: cast out your enemies to the desert where they may perish. Remains - perished through unknown means. Perhaps you will meet a similar fate in the near future. You will be faced with many different options for actions during your journey. Here are some actions you can chose from: search, bury, inspect. Some actions may only be performed a certain number of times. Not all actions will always succeed! your success rate will display in the upper right corner. The color of the success rate label indicates which of your stats Home Behind is related to the action: red - strength, green - agility, blue - intelligence, yellow - fitness. tap your bag to view your items. Take note! gear that you have equipped may not be used for crafting. If you want to use it as a crafting material, make sure to first unequip it.

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    1. EWRBmEpzAW - increase stats
    2. UrGe68pcK5 - epic items
    3. wAzRCDZu17 - upgrade
    4. 5EY2Yk3XIK - craft
    5. FsO7mO9Go2 - gift pack
    6. 2r0Txf0PrQ - ticket
    7. 2ORdHVFc6n - coupon code
    8. 4nDRVirimF - skill point
    9. rWy06lbqoC - bonus mode
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