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    Welcome to our Stronghold Kingdoms, where adventure and glory await you on the path to the throne! May i suggest we start by taking a quick look at the world map? here you will notice many villages like your own, each controlled by a real player. WHile many welcome us as allies, keen to aid our cause, others are just waiting for their chance to strike! So choose your friends carefully….Whether you chose to settle here or were assigned a random village, you will soon expand into new territory by capturing new villages and expanding your Stronghold Kingdoms. Your journey to the throne of this country begins with your village. A few loyal subjects have sworn themselves to you, but we are still far from a prosperous economy, a mighty castle to protect it and an army to retrieve spoils of war.

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    Every rise to power starts somewhere and perhaps yours starts here! Let’s see if you can get your first village up and running! Ah, it looks like some villagers have just arrived. To start, let’s boost the food in our granary. Build an apple orchard so that they can start growing food. Place the apple orchard near the granary to maximize worker efficiency. Villagers need wood and stone to construct most village buildings. We’ll need a steady supply of resources to carry on building our village, so let’s start construction of a wood cutter and stone quarry. Research arts to boost the honour you gain. Honour Stronghold Kingdoms is used to rank up. Generate honour and you will rise up the ranks on your way to Thane, Squire, Earl and eventually grown prince. Ranks unlock new abilities such as creating a faction and razing player villagers, they also unlock advanced research and each sub rank provides you with free research points. From this point on the path you carve out is your own. You can besiege other players, join a faction and overthrow tyrannical houses, trade your way to power or peacefully raise castle.

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    Tips: if you ever get lost in world map, just tap the home button to find your village. Successfully attacking or defending is another great way to earn honour. Higher popularity earns you more honour which helps you rank up faster and access new buildings and research. We can raise our popularity even further if we build some defences to keep this village safe. Your castle is your first line of defence against all enemies. If icon indicates that our castle is currently not enclosed - this gives us a big penalty to our popularity. Tap the modify button to start making changes to your castle. Our defences will take a little while to build, let’s play hack cheats code or a strategy card to speed things up. Castle designer - instantly complete some ongoing work on the castle.

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