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    Characters Shadowblood: Eve - is the daughter of a petty thief. She was captured by a group of assassins when her father made a mistake. No longer the naive girl she used to be, she is training to become an assassin. Claude is the youngest son of a noble family. He was a happy boy with loving parents and brothers until an accident took everything from him. Now he is a cold blooded assassin. Bella - orphaned Bella lived with her elderly grandmother, an herbalist. As her grandmother lay on her deathbed, Bella learned she had a sister and set off find her long lost family. Robin - is a descendant of the hero, Godly archer of the kingdom. Fascinated by heroic tales as a child, he left home when he became an adult to seek out adventures of his own.

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    Heroes: Agatha - he was killed by an assassin as he was delivering a package to another country. Agatha is still looking for his killer. Kai - kai’s mother was killed by Belzav’s curse during the war between Arcand and Belzav. As a result, Kai’s soul was transferred from his mother’s womb into her armor. Kai wields the hammer he inherited from his father. Filled with rage, he vows to avenge his mother’s death. Stella - an archeologist, roams about Narr trying to find her lost memories. She joined the shadow knights while tracking Arcand.
    Sekrets Shadowblood: i will enhance your first skill with the skill point you gained when you leveled up. If you press + button when you have a skill point, your skill will get stronger. In challenge modes, you can try various new challenges but they can be a little hard for now. it is a good idea to use boosters in battles, they will help you a lot.

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    Tips: use skill settings to configure the set of skills that you want. Mission: use the arrow keys in the bottom left corner to move your character. If you use auto battle, your character will move and use basic attack automatically. Skills can be used automatically too, if you select the auto skill booster before entering. The monster with the name above its head is the mini boss of the dungeon. Remember, the boss monsters do not fight alone. If you choose to use magic crystals, 1 crystal will be consumed on every successful hit. it is very useful for adventurers, so don’t forget to use it. The higher the level of difficulty in the altar of ordeals, the more honor coins are awarded. Buy costumes to customize your character’s looks. There are 6 items grades: common, elite, rare, heroic, legendary, mythical.

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