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    I’m cheat-on! The lieutenant of the 5th brigade What’s wrong with you? Did you lose your memory? Do you remember what happened to us? We got split up after crossing the wall of wonder. The forest of blessing Fantasy Squad is a beautiful forest where the spirits live. There, adventurers and spirits can interact with each other. It was the queen of the forest, Flore made that possible. Queen flore has gone missing. And then suddenly a dark curse started spreading through the once so peaceful forest.
    Game Fantasy Squad tutorial : manage squad - this place is the hero registry. This is where mercenaries and explorers get together and register their squad. We can check the stage info before we explore the area. It would be wise to prepare ahead of time for the boss monsters and their minions.

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    You can check your current squad in the expedition screen. Don’t forget that you can always switch to the reserve team as well. People who can interact with Colossi are call Alchemists.Alchemists have a psychic connection to the Colossus and they also have the ability to summon one.You can choose which Colossus to summon and you can also level them up with Colossus crystals. You can purchase useful items such as recovery potions or revival potions. You can purchase buffs to help you along the way. Evolve your characters. You can unlock new skills and status enhancement through evolutions! And you can evolve all characters up to 6 stars.

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    Tips: you can enhance the Colossus while he’s still sealed. Bestow the sealed Colossus (before summoning) with various effects! See what your opponent summons and make your own selection! Every boss has their own attack skill as well as passive abilities. It is possible to equip or enhance the equipment you acquired. You can tap the equipment for more to find out more about it. You can check the details of the new recruits in the hero screen. We can summon extra fire power when we need it. Always keep an eye out for strong heroes.

    how to enter hack cheats Fantasy Squad.

    1. lu4e3ooMCp - gold
    2. pYrr0OL9en - jewels
    3. JoVuL45uoA - fusion
    4. Ud2nhA9Juc - evolution
    5. e5De7ImUgA - skill upgrade
    6. AJPfhfOcPq - level up
    7. S1cqmuxwXX - unlimited key
    8. EJ5whezT7R - ticket
    9. btNNMHOpAx - garnet
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