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    The monkey king! Over 500 years, Heaven has slain many of my fellow demons and ruined the human world. What have you learned from the journey to the west. Only the strong survive! That is the law of nature. Prestory: five hundred years after the journey to the west, the ruler of heaven used Dharama to secure his dominance, gathering spirits from all three realms, spreading terror across the universe! The path for humans and demons remains shrouded in mystery.

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    Statue - gold statue stands for aggression, transformation. State members are ambitious, advocate power and force, possess a strong sense of justice, and an abhorrence of evil. A typical representative is the Arrogant monkey. Crimson - stands for power. Due to their extreme surroundings, members of this state are naturally strong, resilient, and they always plan diligently for the future. A typical representative is the Bull. Azure - stands for vitality and spirituality. They own the most fertile lands and their members are known to be warm and optimistic. A typical representative is the Nine - tailed fox.

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    Tips: call up friends or mysterious master to help you in dungeons! Emperor statue refreshes at 12:00, 3:00, 6:00 and 9:00 PM! Note: first emperor will be the guild master of the number 1 guild at 6:00 PM! Most daily quests will be reset at 5:00 am. Peach feast can be started by guild master at 7:30 PM every night. Join it at guild territory to gain massive experience points. Use Adv. stone to upgrade the level of epic gear. Set up graphic config for a better gaming experience. When the stage difficulty indicator shows red, it means the stage will be challenging for you. You cannot be attacked by other players before reaching level 35. When using old gear to enhance new gear, the new gear may inherit all enhance experience. Tap daily quests to find something to do. Select enhance stones or low quality gear as enhancement material. When enhancing new gear with old gear, all experience can be inherited.

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    9. d5GEKxllYO - level up
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