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    World story Rhythm Run: from a young age, Moana felt the call of the ocean. But her father, Chief Tui, wanted her to stay safe on Motunui-he didn’t want anyone to travel beyond the reef. Moana grew up knowing she would lead her people as chieftain, but she didn’t know there was a darkness approaching their island. Needing fish to feed her people, she wanted to venture beyond the reef. It was against her father’s wishes, but she could feel the ocean calling. Thanks to gramma Tala, Moana learned that her people used to be voyagers, and that restoring the heart of the Fiti was the only way to save them.

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    Gramma Tala fell ill, but she convinced Moana to sail beyond the reef and find the demigod Maui, who would help her restore the heart of Te Fiti. The journey proved to be a dangerous test of she’s self taught skills. She struggled against wind and wave without much help her stowaway, the silly chicken Heihei. Although the ocean didn’t go easy on Moana, it delivered her to a barred island where she discovered the long banished Mauil! But the arrogant demigod was only interested in declaring his own greatness. Maui tried to escape with she’s boat, but the ocean made sure they all stuck together. Moana convinced Maui to help her restore the heart to Te Fiti! Maui believed that the heart of Te Fiti only attracted danger. He was proven correct when he and Moana were attacked by coconut pirates - the Kakamora! When they kidnapped Heihei, Moana had to act fast to save him…..

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    Through she’s bravery and Maui’s maneuvering, they narrowly escaped the Kakamora. To defeat Te Ka and restore the heart of Te Fiti, Maui needed his hook. So they had to journey into Lalotai - the realm of monsters - to recover it from the dangerous Tamatoa. Tamatoa couldn’t be defeated, so Moana tricked him into chasing after a fake heart of Te Fiti. While he was looking away, they made their escape - with Maui’s hook. Moana and maui batle Te Ka with hack cheats codes, but brash actions left them with a damaged boat and cracked hook. Angry and afraid of losing his hook again, Maui left. Moana verged on giving up hope, but then she saw something amazing. inspired by her ancestors and Gramma Tala, Moana regained her confidence, and prepared to confront Te Ka once more!

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