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    World story Battle Hordes: it is a time of war. The beautiful lands of Calanthea, the world left behind by the dragons, are now reigned by chaos. For some, nothing is sacred anymore. Depraved soldiers have taken up territory in this land. We must eliminate them, select their castle and attack button to begin the conquest. We must return this land to its former glory! A new adventure awaits you, you are our long awaited leader and we hope you bring our castle back to the honor.The ultimate goal of Battle Hordes is to become the king of the realm. Climb up the ladder by conquering other warlords on the pam or raid their belongings. Recruit a mighty army of orcs, human and demon. Combine their forces and strengthen them with mighty equipment.

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    Buildings: You will notice your position on the map has changed. Conquering other castles will switch your place while raiding provides resources. Let us begin! Please click on the highlighted area. This is a building plot. On specific building plots only specific buildings can be constructed. Windmill - it helps produce wheat which is an extremely valuable resource. The build timer underneath it shows the time required to perform the task. Free finish button - finishes the building instantly for free. Citadel Battle Hordes - it is the heart of your castle and controls many important functions. The other options are vital for boosting your army and general gameplay. Unfortunately, we live in very trying times. To preserve and protect our castle, we require an army. For this, please select a plot designed for military purposes. Barracks - they are used to recruit orcish units for battle. They are the most effective melee combatants that any army has.

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    Tips: you can only conquer another warlord if he’s defeated in all three categories of combat. Talent points can be earned through leveling up! You can refine gems hack for free at the forge! Four identical gems can be combined in the inventory to obtain a higher quality gem. Disassembling equipment will always give a gem of lower quality than the one used to make it. Select the collect all button to instantly gather the rewards for all accomplished events. It is time for this instruction to come to an end. I have complete faith you shall lead our people to greatness.

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    9. gpPVqrGtro - coupon ticket

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