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    World tutorial story Conflict Frontline: hello, welcome to the training camp, you must complete the preliminary training course before you become a qualified commander to leave this site. Search for enemy cover and locate enemy positions. Change sight view will cause aim time occur before attack. Double click the NPC to hide, or run out of the scope of enemy fire. According to the trajectory, you can determine the approximate position of the enemy. Under sustained attack, you will enter a suppressed state and hide back behind cover.

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    Upgrade weapons can enhance character’s fighting force. If your team member has been suppressed, he’d better hide. Ghost needs patience and time, and don’t let them be exposed to enemy’s fire. Challenge and single duel mode, player can control three character for one by one combat. Complete daily tasks to obtain lots of rewards. Before entering a stage, use a battle boost to gain an advantage. aimes can help you upgrade your firearms. When you find weapon components, bring them to him. Use focus fire to make your allies destroy heavy targets.

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    Tips: click anywhere in the enemy area to take aim. use skill to take out the enemy behind the cover. Upgrade NPC requires training book which can be rewarded by opening a chest. Hunter is well suited using assault rifle for medium range combat. Chost has low health, but well hidden. Ghost is well suited using a sniper for long range attack. Hide yourself, find enemy, use skill, precision attack is very important. Get award by cumulative login 7 days during the campaign. Sometimes it is necessary to move to avoid enemy skill damage.

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    7. xoFfCGccxL - gem crystal
    8. JClT8Wou8L - evolve
    9. QuTLpVXvF7 - weapon coupon ticket

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