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    World tutorial story Dungeon Legends: hello, welcome to the depths, brave warrior. Here, you will find glory, honor, and amazing treasures. But be careful, big threats awaits in the darkness. Be careful with the traps! We’ll lose live if we touch them, and they’ll put us back. Perfect, even Thorin himself wouldn’t do it better. It seems the path is blocked. We have to kill the skeletons to open the bridge again. Tap on your character to use weapon. Tap the item to see its stats. To equip it, tap on it and drag to the position where it belongs. Thanks to the item we are more powerful!

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    The trainer improves your attributes, if you bribe him he’ll train you twice as fast and give twice as many attribute points. Skills: big blow - the next auto attack you make will have an extra damage bonus. Healing - cast a healing spell that recovers a part of your life. Axe launch - throw an axe at a selected point making considerable damage to the impacted enemy. Training the strength will increase your auto attack damage and some skills. By training the physical defense, the damage made by the auto attacks of your enemies will be reduced.

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    Tips: the game modes are locked while your heroes is training. Use hack cheats training points to improve your attributes. There are two ways to combat the enemy, the primary mode of battle is the war campaign, which mixes strategic planning with field combat, continue the war campaign by pressing the campaign button in the bottom right. The second way is by raiding the enemy in skirmish battles. These are single battles that allow you to quickly get into the action. War campaign - this is where we can make the most headway against the enemy, as well as earn the most experience and the best rewards.The was campaign is fought on strategic war maps. Here, you will manage and maneuver characters: moving, attacking, capturing strategic locations, gathering resources, and ultimately destroying the enemy headquarters.

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    8. ElSUzdkZeE - chest of fortune
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    10. W3WlJU7LpQ - legendary item

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