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    World tutorial story Kingsman: we are recruiting exceptional agents. There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man, true nobility is being superior to your former self. Now, if you would, please put on the glasses in front of you. Welcome to the squire simulator. I’m cheat-on, i’ll be guiding you through this training session. This is a virtual space created from kingdsman technology and built to simulate realistic training conditions. It’s an appropriate place to train newcomers, such as yourself. Access story mode, an essential part of the simulator. It features missions inspired by agent’s history. Story mode is turn based. Make a match of 3 or more to attack the enemy. Puzzle pieces can move anywhere.

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    Characters: Eggsy - fiercely loyal agent with a rebellious streak. Roxy - driven agent with a straightlaced and strong personality. Harry - Eggsy’s mentor and legendary veteran kingsman agent. Merlin - instructor for new recruits and support staff member.
    Secrets gameplay: chain skills are activated when you make the proper match. Charge active skills by matching the same color puzzle pieces. Match the bullets of the skill’s color to fill the skill gauge. All characters have upgradeable armor and weapons. Your gear’s reinforcement levels cannot exceed your character’s level.

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    Tips: make sure you upgrade your character’s outfits. Don’t miss the one time offer in the character select screen. Kingsman must uphold the gentleman’s code. Powerful boss skills can be canceled by matching the correct puzzle sequence. Surrounding puzzle blocks will disappear when the bomb explodes. You can obtain outfit cards as stage rewards in story mode (hard). Are the battles too challenging? Check your gear level. Tap on a specific enemy to target them.

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