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    World tutorial story My NBA 2K18: for each quarter you must choose a player for the given event. You use the attributes listed right above your name for the event. The highlighted numbers below match the event. Support cards boost a player’s stats. Choose a support card before selecting your player. Only one support card may be used per game. Quick games award picks, 2 for a win and 1 for a loss, through you get 5 for your first try. Each pick removes one card from the board. The board resets when a rare or better player or support card is won. Complete daily mission tasks to earn tickets that can be redeemed for better cards. Visit the goals tab and look at your current mission. Missions and tasks normally expire after one day. Keep an eye on the remaining time.

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    Secrets gameplay: a notification will slide into view when you complete a task. When you see them, it means tickets can be claimed. Tap on the row of your player card to view its details. Claim all of a mission’s tasks and you’ll receive mission completion bonus tickets. Boost your decks with card packs from the store. In head 2 head, you battle other users from around the world for the top position in the leaderboard. Use game nights to play matches against other players, earning draft picks and a chance to find a champion’s change spinner. Start by pressing the “search for opponent” button to find another player to battle against. The gauntlet uses a deck of 25 players and 2 support cards. Your deck filled with your strongest cards.

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    Tips: play quick games to earn cards to build a better deck. In quick games you face off against another user’s quick game line up. The strength of your quick game line up changes your quick game tier rating. Your rating determines the rewards at the end quick games. My cards - is the center of managing your deck. Browse your cards and improve your players here. Tap a card in your card list to train them, add focus cards to improve their ability trigger %, sign a pro to make powerful pro players, and add supercharge keys to unlock an extra level for your pros.

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