Taichi Panda 3 Dragon Hunter
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    World tutorial story Taichi Panda 3 Dragon Hunter: welcome to rainbow falls. We don’t get many people coming through here, so please, make yourself at home. The villagers here are kind, honest fold. Feel free to stick around. As a newcomer, you fall in love with the peaceful Rainbow falls. However, as you travel more and more, you are engaged in the conflict. No matter what danger awaits, you have to move forward.

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    Characters: swordsman (melee fighter) - wields sword and shield. Mount power: defense is increased and attack is reduced while mounted. Rune mage - ranged, excels at the runes. Healer (ranged) - triggers healing effect on the mount. Scout (ranged, excels at archery) - when switching mount, place a trap on the ground which can stan, freeze or slow the enemies down. Ice mage - wields ice magic. Priest - ranged healer and fighter.
    Skills Taichi Panda 3 Dragon Hunter: Spiral slash - increases movement speed by 30%. The last hit is guaranteed to be a critical hit, and can knock back the enemies. Unbreakable - raises shield. During this period, your damage taken is reduced by 50% and damage deflect increases by 33%. Your hatred increases by 2000%. Vortex charge - throws your shield forward, which pulls monsters, then jump to shield’s location. Seismic slash - dashes and casts a blade wave that inflicts knockback, then jumps up and slams down to deal damage. Ice arrow - casts an icy magic array on your target. Summons three big icicles. The icicles will explode after a short period and inflict slow. Ice shield - surrounds self in ice to resist enemy skills. Last for 5 seconds. After successfully resisting an attack, you can cast the skill again after 2 seconds to freeze attacking.

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    Tips: you can get gold and bound diamonds if you select a faction randomly. You can toggle mount pathfinding in the system settings. Double tap the screen to cancel target lock on. Character - all the character - related functions can be found here (rankings, warehouse, story, guild, military rank, social, auction house, shop). Drag the skill above to the skill bar on the bottom left to change the skill order. First, weaken the mount by attacking it. Then you can try taming it. Once you get on, hold on tight. Drag the mount’s avatar to set it up for battle. Each mount’s character attributes increase your might. The left joystick controls horizontal and forward movement. The button at the lower right corner controls altitude.

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