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    . LINE Heroes of Arzar cheat free hack code list - topaz, lodestone, magic dust, legendary rune, gold, gem crystal, epic items, upgrade, level up, treasure chest.

    World tutorial story LINE Heroes of Arzar: air strike is great in dealing damage. This skill also increase character’s mobility. After tapping the air strike icon, choose an empty grid to initiate the skill. Precision is a very powerful skill. ion cannon is the most devastating skill of Little Lu. It can hit multiple targets as wells as repelling them back. Ion cannon can be targeted at enemy units or could be casted on an empty grid. Now enter adventures to test yourself with PvE battles. Heroes fight for their cause in adventures. Before battle you can change your items, runes, spell set before entering the battlefield. Please enter infor if you want to learn more information.

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    Rule: destroy enemy hero twice within 20 rounds to win. When enemy hero dies, an enemy turret will collapse. You can use magic dust to craft items or runes. The crafting page shows the runes you have. You can carry up to 7 runes in each battle. Enter 1us 1 ranked or 1 us 1 casual mode to play against other players. Casual mode is not ranked, so it’s perfect for you to practice. Through borrowing items dreamwalkers may increase the advantage of winning. Legendary items - you can change the attribute of a certain item by refining it. You earn gold whenever you kill an enemy unit what a violent game. The items in the item tab are not consumables.

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    Tips: for each armor you are able to defend 1 attack damage. Gold can be used to buy many things. Mana is consumed when your hero uses skills. The higher your connection speed is, the better your experience will be. You can equip heroes with items to prepare them for upcoming battles. You can equip your hero with the recommended set. The items in the item tab are not consumables. The sword shaped wand - shaped symbols refer to attack damage and skill power. Magic dust can be used to craft items, runes or turn your pumpkin into a carriage.

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    8. uWRRSo8Vwd - level up
    9. HdyLwIfIcR - treasure chest

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