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    World tutorial story Ragnarok Mobile RO:Idle Poring: adventurers, welcome to RO:idle poring. We have prepared special events and quests! Join cheat-on now and explore rune Midgard. Starting the auto battle now! Even when offline, your hero will continue to fight non-stop! Return at any time to claim your rewards! Start your epic journey now. Defeat the boss stage to unlock and automatically proceed to the next stage. You got promoted to the regular league. THe person who gets the most crown points from ranked matches, becomes the winner of the league.

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    Ragnarok Mobile RO:Idle Poring cheats android, ios hack codes
    Skills: accelerate - each accelerate chance grants you earnings equals 120 minutes. Increase permanently one minute’s earning and damage for 10% for 5 minutes. Bash - elementary skill for a swordsman, dealing large damage to the enemy. Brutal arrow - firing powerful arrows to the enemy.
    Class: swordman - from novice to a powerful warrior. using strong body and armor to protect and tank in the battlefield. Archer - using fast attacks and evading enemies swiftly in the battle. Mage - using powerful magic to control and vanquish it’s enemies.

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    Tips: unwanted gears can be smelted for new gears and smelting points. Changing skills will keep the previous skill’s level. Goblin - are quick on their feet and traverse the battlefield with just one through in their heads: destruction. When they form packs and begin to charge forward, you know the surrounding area will sonn be plunged into chaos. Drake rider- are hunters of giant beasts, they are nearly impossible to outrun. Go to the ground and get the drake’s teeth. Take to the air and catch the rider’s cannonballs.

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    4. L5kcli2Xme - gems
    5. J9ALLpLvAa - boss ticket
    6. PcingXxEvT - vip
    7. jfBwmFTsPX - honor
    8. Dpu0VykAKW - pet pack
    9. S0RDmrNKzW - rune stones
    10. DmQES6bEEn - medals

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