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    World Kingsman the Secret Service: agent, we have been trying to contact you since the attack. Enemy units are on patrol after assaulting kingsman HQ. You need to find your way out but you have very limited resources. Use stealth and your wits to eliminate enemies and escape. Be careful, your health is dangerously low! Make sure you approach this enemy when his back is turned. You can perform a stealth kill by tapping on the trigger icon above his head. Currently, you have your knife selected. You can equip a different weapon or gadget by rotating the wheel.

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    Rule: to jump< touch and drag your character anywhere on the right half of the screen to create a trajectory. Gather valuable intel by hacking computers. It pays to be acutely aware of your surroundings. Our enemies are skilled at planting traps and placing security cameras to keep their bases safe. Use your ar glasses to hack the security camera and disable it. You can also shoot at security cameras and other traps to disable them, but you may alert enemies.
    Glad you made made it back safe. We’ve lost far too many of our own today. The attack was sudden and devastating. We have lost contact with all remaining kingsman facilities and agents.You are now in charge of our new agent base. To get started, we need to rebuild, investigate the attack, and locate other surviving agents.

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    Tips:defense sounds simple but is deceptively difficult. As you know, your number one priority is protecting the security room. Always keep that in mind when constructing your base. Defend your base against enemy units by assigning a guard in one of the rooms. Keep an eye on your defenses. They need to be periodically repaired as they take damage during attacks. Use intel hack cheats code Kingsman the Secret Service to purchase even stronger defenses to secure your base. generate more intel by hack cheats code or installing computers. Installing more servers can help you collect and hold even more intel. Agent, we are encountering more and more enemy incursions, make it your priority to ensure that your secure room is well defended. Make sure new rooms are connected to your base. Place a room next to an existing section of your base or connect it with an elevator or a staircase.

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    1. ldR4eroNy3 - unlimited intel
    2. ayeUIwBRsL - resources
    3. UJ3IAmVp9f - honor
    4. PCxg7MHu9W - energy
    5. 8mfWtXIrop - badge
    6. BitssQ3Vrx - shield
    7. ZxEYjTQdyp - level up
    8. l7goVoyZqG - upgrade
    9. PT3GOYdA8A - tickets

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