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    . Champions Rising cheat free hack code list - awakening points, gold, unlimited mana, treasure chest, level up, upgrade, premium pack, gem crystal.

    World Champions Rising: swordsman - his strength and mastery of the sword make him a fearsome opponent to any formidable enemies. Swordstress - her swiftness and explosiveness make her an unstoppable sword wielder on battlefield. Elf archer - these well trained archers can hit the bull’s eye from far away.
    Welcome to the tournament, solder. My name is cheat-on. I’m in charge of basic training for all participants in the tournament. To win the tournament, you have to have a solid grasp of your basic skills. Just follow my lead and you’ll be fine. Tap the location to move your champion. The hero will automatically attack nearby enemies. Characters can target and attack the enemy. Mana used to summon troops is recovered over time.

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    Rule: each champion has uniques skills. Use skills to defeat the enemies. YOu gain awakening points each time you defeat a champion and a tower. Awakening points can make your cards even stronger. When awakened, the power of each card becomes twice as strong. Destroy the enemy Nexus to win instantly. Lightning tower attacks minions before champions. Upgrading cards increases their health points and damage. icon(s) showing the characteristics of this card. You should remember that the higher the level of a card, the stronger it is. You don’t need to destroy the enemy Nexus before the timer runs out. Defeating more towers than your opponent will also need you a victory.

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    Tips: complete daily quests to get generously rewards. Don’t forget to slay world bosses daily for massive ingots and ultimate equipment. AoE attacks are effective against large numbers of enemies. When it comes to battles, it’s all about destroying the enemy Nexus first. Keep this in mind for future battles. Champion Barbas is compatible with cards a high member count. Here’s a short tip for you in battle - every card has properties in battle. Those fairies summoned by Lucas have the ability to fly. Which card should you summon to catch them? When facing flying units, it’s best to use gunners and magicians, as well as archers. If you defeat a tower, you will receive 1 winning point. Healing orb recovers half of maximum health points. There are 2 ways to use cards during battle: drag, double tap.

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    1. 1favzE8h5D - awakening points
    2. Bo1kAnlAXx - gold
    3. nLsuZyeXsi - unlimited mana
    4. MADeg0YIxp - treasure chest
    5. 39ihKMBnvZ - level up
    6. xB9Rch1s01 - upgrade
    7. xIrVpseUWi - premium pack
    8. PYJ0ddWGVj - gem crystal

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