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    Characters Art of War Red Tides: scholar - is an Atlac support unit. It will recharge the shields of one friendly unit every once in awhile. After the Scholar is upgraded, it will gain increased energy. Illusionist - cannot recharge shields. It will instead summon a phantom Blade slave with 1 health point, 1 shield and 1 attack damage. After the illusionist is upgraded, the phantoms of blade slave summoned by it will gain increased combat ability, their numbers will be increased as well. Blade Slave - is a basic Atlac unit with some defense. After entering battle, she will charge at her target. After the blade Slave is upgraded, blade dash temporarity grants her bonus armor, and her basic attack deals AoE damage. Vajra - is an Atlac defensive unit. It is strong against biological units. After the Vajra is upgraded, it will gain shield and receive damage tower than a certain amount from each attack.

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    Terran units preset for elite troops are at level 1 when entering combat. Soul essence mine will automatically upgrade in wave 10 and 30 to increase mining rate. Scaling general attack rune increases all units attack damage by 1.2% every 9 waves. So in wave 45, the attack damage of all units will be increased. Deva transition system can increase the flexibility of troops to make unexpected performances in battlefields. When you find that your enemies are weak in anti-air, spam air units to beat them. The timing of unleashing commander sills is critical. Do not just unleash skills when the cooldown is ready.

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    Tips: click the plus sign to produce new unit. The regular flamethrower inflicts higher damage on biological units. Click the confirm button to complete the deployment of your troops. Units can be upgraded by consuming tech points. Upgraded units have stronger abilities. Units having active abilities are very powerful. Please consider the timing of activating active abilities. Enemies are in close formation? We need to use the commander skill bombing run, and remember to avoid friendly fire. Destroy enemy base to claim your victory. Units set for transformation can be transformed into other units at the expense of a little soul essence.

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