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    Characters TANGO 5: in each battle, two teams of five go head to head. The map is comprised of tiles like you might see in a turn based strategy game. But this game’s turns happen in real time. A turn based game is completely different from a real time game. Turn based means that each side takes a turn to play, right? The game may look like a standard turn based game, but it’s actually played in real time. The player always has a short cooldown after performing an action. And once the cooldown is over, you’ll be able to take your turn. Thanks to real time PvP gameplay, you can try out all kinds of tactics. Each game has a time limit.

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    To win, capture more points than the opposing team - or occupy the whole map. Or you can just wipe out the entire opposing team. How do you capture a point? Easy, all you have to do is stand in the control point. You can also steal points that have already been captured. But don’t get cocky! Capturing a point isn’t as easy as it seems. To control your characters on your turn simply tap where you want them to move. You can move to a yellow or blue region. Yellow regions are farther away, and they require you to take a cooldown after you move. Blue regions are closer, and you can attack immediately after you move. Your attack range is displayed by the box around your character. An attack rate indicator appears over all enemies within your attack range. The indicator shows the chance to hit an enemy. The enemy behind cover has a low chance to hit. Instead, attack the enemy you have the highest chance to hit. If the chace to hit is low then your shot is likely to miss.

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    Tips: Each game has 5 multiple rounds and each round last 99 seconds. To attack an enemy, first tap the attack button, then tap any enemy within range. Your skills are displayed on the right. Taking cover is your best chance of staying alive, so try not to get caught out in the open. Since shots are less accurate when the target is in cover. If you die, you won’t be able to come back until the next round. If you’re injured, try to find a medkit, or grab one of the supply boxes located on the map. This game is full of unique characters with all kinds of different skills. Building the right team is crucial. There are 3 characters available from the beginning. As you gain rewards for playing, you’ll unlock more characters.

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