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    World story The Alchemist Code: long ago, in the distant past. There were two who aimed to become Gods. Nimul and Emmel, brother and sister said to be the founders of alchemy. They used forbidden arts to build a tower that rose to the heavens. An act that showed they feared nothing in the whole of creation. Feeling threatened by their knowledge, the Gods struck down as a punishment to human arrogance. They sealed Nimul and irreversibly divided the world. All that remained were the few people left to hand down the forbidden art, and the remnants of the sky piercing tower. This tower was called Babel, it stood as they symbol of the foolish sin that mankind had committed.

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    Twenty years ago, our kingdom of Wratharis was destroyed. Long we’ve laid low, hidden in the forest, quenching our thirst with swamp water. But, at long last, those days of hardship are over! With the power of our wrath, we will destroy the tyrannical, traitorous kingdom of Envylia. In the continent of Babel where the tower of Babel stood, this alchemy which Nimul and Emmel devised, had changed throughout the ages into a threat that disturbed the lands. Alchemy had turned into a tool of war, used in the struggle between nations for hegemony over the lands. Laying eyes on the enormous destruction it had caused, and sensing its threat to humankind, the nation of Babel formed the alliance of the seven kingdoms, headed by the suzerain state of northern pride, branding alchemy as the forbidden art.
    For the following few centuries, a delicate balance was maintained between the seven nations, bringing temporary peace. But in the year 911 of Babel, this peace was suddenly disrupted. The western kingdom Wratharis, the nation of Wrath, revived alchemy as a tool for warfare. Their act of rupturing the alliance of the seven kingdoms, enveloped the whole continent in an atmosphere of unrest. Regarding the situation very severely, the other six kingdoms hack cheat game the alchemist code formed a united suppression army, using neighboring nation Envylia as their vanguard. This meant the downfall of Wratharis, and Alchemy was once again sealed into darkness. Twenty years have passed since then, up to the present day. As if to answer the call of the continent’s agitation, the forbidden art’s seal has started dissolving - mankind’s will is merely at the mercy of the stones of gods.

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    Tips: tap on a location to move your unit to position. The red squares indicate your normal attack range. Attacking from a higher position or behind an enemy deals more damage. Enemies in attack range will be highlighted. Tap on the skill icon to see your available skills. Skills require soul jewels, which can be gained by performing normal attacks on enemies. You can perform an action and then move, or move and then perform an action. To end your turn, choose a direction to face.

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