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    . Nine Stones cheat free hack code list - champion stone, gems, crystal, rune, unlimited resources, shield, soul, special mystery box, conquest key, gold, lucky coins.

    World story Nine Stones: crystal - a primordial force that gives power and magic. Finally, it’s in my hands. From now on, other kingdoms will be under my control. Whoever stands against me, they will be killed.
    Cannon tower will give huge damage, all champions will scare of it. We should make the most important building - champion altar. If a strong man have a ceremony here, his\her body and soul will be united. Champion on the altar can protect town with hidden ability. When champion cannot attend the battle, the altar can use its ability. Control your heroes and win the battle. Evolve your champion and make their rank higher. Skill: typhoon - inflict true damage equal to Yaya’s attack 15% to all enemies in the selected are 3 times, knock back enemy soldiers from the center to corners.

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    Nine Stones cheats android, ios hack codes
    Level up your storage - it will increase the maximum capacity. You may acquire helpful items and resources from quests. Do you want to have more soldiers? Army camp is a comfortable lodging for soldiers. We will need gold to make new buildings - upgrade gold mine or hack cheat code. High level gold mines can produce more gold coins. Level up mana mine and make more mana stones at once. Too many champions? Combine them in champion menu. Mini game: treasure box - draw a random box, get more resources; catch a thief - get crystal back.

    Nine Stones secret code hack tips

    Tips: you can build trap without a builder. Build or enhance army camp, recruit more soldiers. “together with friends” resets every 24 hours. Depending on stage difficulty, more keys are needed. Each champion’s special skill has their own condition to use. Get lucky coin from invasion, conquest and defense battle. Get soul from soul extract from champion lobby or from battle. Level up is always important, not only champions but also our town hall. If you follow the mission, you can make town bigger. We can get lucky coin from the battle.

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    1. yItKq8ykDF - champion stone
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    4. fIOeBHH8oM - rune
    5. cN5EIlhDYo - unlimited resources
    6. ZniqK15lqs - shield
    7. vzguwe8sXE - soul
    8. v1n7hp06ie - special mystery box
    9. WOy7Lz65S9 - conquest key
    10. yCbfgzUA18 - gold
    11. tLmc0SjS6K - lucky coins

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