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    World story Idle Adventurers: hey, join us! Let’s hang out together! It is said that there is mysterious treasure in the Harry Volcano. Challenge the boss to get access to next stage. Team up with other players will make you stronger. Tap the skill button to open the skill menu. Triple hit - cost 3 energy points. Attacks an enemy unit three times, dealing 70% attack damage for each attack. Recover- restores self health that equal to 100% self armor. Penetrate - attacks an enemy unit, dealing 400% attack damage.

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    Class: archer - uses arrow as his weapon. He can attack his enemies in a long distance. Learned multi shot skill - attacks random two enemy units dealing 150% attack damage. Rogue - can easily dodge the attacks from enemies and kills them with his two poison. Learned poison knife skill - cost 3 energy points. Attacks a single unit, dealing 300% attack damage and poisons unit. Fan of knives - attacks all the front enemies. Stun - stunning for 3 seconds.
    Territory: oasis - a beatiful oasis in the middle of the cruel desert. The area is a stunning shade of green, contrasted against the yellow expanse beyond.

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    Tips:remains - another soul lost to the flames of war. Laughter and joy stand no chance in this world. Dead tree - typical tree seen in the desert. Lifeless, its branches are falling apart. May be of some use. Cookware - increase food recipes and water recovery while raining. A pot of cool water makes anyone feel refreshed. The map shows your progress in the current area. Next special event will be marked with a yellow question mark. Status bar - it displays all information relating to your general health. Health - when this is reduced to 0, you will die. Mood - this affects the rate at which your health regenerates. Nutrition - when this reaches 0, your health and mood will be reduced. Eat meals to replenish.

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