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    . Lion Hearts Final Clash cheat free hack code list - summon stone, mythical hero, gems, gift ticket, blitz scroll, keys, treasure chest, soul, gold coins, vip status, stamina energy, premium pack.

    World story Lion Hearts Final Clash: in the year 234 a human prince fell prey to a demonic curse and was summoned to apocalypse Volcano. Unable to resist the curse, he broke an ancient seal that had been holding back evil for centuries. As the seal was broken, countless demons poured out from hell and enveloped the world in darkness. The world is under siege. The Dynasty of light has been pushed to the brink of collapse. The final battle for the soul of this realm is about to begin. The fate of life rest within your hands.

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    characters: flint - a warrior who has devoted his life to the study of the sword. His goal is simple: Flint any and all who dare face him in order to improve his skills. Front row damage dealer, can knockback enemies, making Flint a perfect pair for heroes with the ability to combo enemies. Devo - a goddess of the elves and protector from her skin, allowing her to heal the wounded and purify those infected by evil. Florence - follows the light and pursues justice. Florence, under the protection of light, aims to defend the kindhearted and banish evil from this world at all costs. Flamera - is a highly skilled mage whom excels is controlling fire. She is able to summon meteorites, which devastate groups of enemies with ease.

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    Tips: remember that you can collect free energy twice per day. make sure not to miss out on discounted items at the mystery shop. Gold mines will automatically produce gold coins. Some heroes will gain rage more quickly than others. Tap auto equip to automatically equip the best equipment. Enhancing level may not exceed your main character’s level.
    Cheats hack code mythic heroes: The ultimate master of battle - Baal: front row warrior, able to absorb HP and can self-implode upon death, will reduce enemies rage when stun them. High speed assassin - Rosethorn: back row damage dealer that can easily assassinate targets. Focus on reducing backstab cool down and increase dodge.

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    1. qbwJ28KRAJ - summon stone
    2. MrGTZJm8uM - mythical hero
    3. FMnnvwXhji - gems
    4. 0xHBVQmZuq - gift ticket
    5. nldfjytjP2 - blitz scroll
    6. riHvD1nvAK - keys
    7. tmshqW9L3z - treasure chest
    8. NtdlcaTNbY - soul
    9. plsP1xMkKy - gold coins
    10. AhJzdlQ3je - vip status
    11. trcyIRtcXS - stamina energy
    12. u1RmKqsSYr - premium pack
    title: hack Lion Hearts Final Clash
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