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    World story The Master Of Plunder (MOP): human? Hmmm, smell of newbie! Came here for kill Baron’s apostle? No one succeeded yet! Well, hope you are the special one, save us from him. So, in that sense, i will teach you basic skills! learn it hard. Touch and drag control key to the shining point. Holding on the attack button will kill that damn monsters. Dodge enemy’s attack, fight smater. Ultimate skill can be used only in certain situation, human! Ultimate skill gauge will be charged, when you kill monsters.

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    The Master Of Plunder (MOP) cheats android, ios hack codes
    characters: Sara (assassin) - born between holt-tribe and human. Living alone without family, now helping Vladimir Archduke according to the last world of Kin, who’d raised her. Kyrillos (paladin) - looking forward to the age of Ahel without evil crowd. Prepared to save human from kind of evil. Special ability for patrol. Reina (mage) - she has mysterious elements ability. Lost parents and casted by people due to her special ability. Grown in monastery with Kyrillos favor.
    Note: active skills is for, to use skill while you are in war. If active skill get strong, you can kill boss easy. In passive skill tap, you can upgrade hero abilities. Like active skills, very helpful in battle. You need skill points to upgrade your skills. You will get it by leveling up hero, hack cheats code or purchasing in mystery shop. Human, i told you everything i know. I believe you will be much stronger next time i see you.

    The Master Of Plunder (MOP)secret code hack tips

    Tips: in the lobby, you can change the character anytime. keep your characters going on patrol while you sleep change area for other items. Short battle time more stars, better rewards will be given by stars. Enhance till 30th level through empower scroll. You can acquire various items from various areas and stage. Maximum item storage time is 6 hours, remember. Higher stage will gives you higher grade items. items you found, can be plundered. So be aware of it. Set high rank hero as a guardian to protect your items. You can change your patrol area by clearing the story mode area. When withdrawal time has elapsed, reward buttom will be activated.

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    10. DLpKJevqaS - gacha
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    title: hack The Master Of Plunder (MOP)
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