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    World story Fernz Gate: it was not an unusual occurrence for those from other worlds to somehow end up in Fernland. That being the case, those who did find themselves in this world were welcomed with open arms, while they patiently awaited their turn to be sent by the Goddess back to their own worlds. However, after a certain outworlder appeared in Fernland, that whole reality was destroyed. I am the guardian of this world and also the one who will guide you when the time is right. I see you are a transcender who has powerful mana flowing within you. That same mana is the power that exists in all things in this world. However, it is quite rare for one with your abilities to appear in this world. Moreover, should you use that power for the wrong purpose, you could very well destroy the foundation of Fernland. Therefore, i ask you let me teach you how to use it.

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    After the overlord stole the Goddess’ power, he attacked many other towns and villages, gaining even more mana as his influence has continued to spread. Sadly, the people of this world don’t know how to fight, and have been left with few places of refuge since the monsters he created began going on rampages.
    Player character: tapping them swaps the party leader in order to interact with various objects in the game. This cannot be done when Alex is alone. This can also be done in the menu screen by tapping on the “change” icon in the lower left.

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    Tips: causes the result screen to be transitioned to without fighting battles with enemies weaker than those in the party. Changes load speed settings for stable or quick battle transitions. Settings are reflected form the next battle, but the higher the acceleration rate, the more the memory will be taxed. Whenever you take damage, it’s best to heal. Cool time results after skills are unleashed and these same skills cannot be used again during this period. This is reduced by 1 for each turn in battle. Understanding cool time is crucial when using skills in battle. Cool time is also reset for all skills after a battle end. Steals normal, rare, and ultra rare drop items after dealing 5x damage of a normal attack.

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    1. xZq52uTCAp - upgrade
    2. 98uce5xJ5H - craft
    3. m0SHUDSN3Z - gems
    4. Bi2hGjZ4N1 - crystal
    5. NeTdPw54aD - gold coins
    6. Q7VgllP8CJ - level up
    7. Di7VGmrKL0 - evolve
    8. Gce2so10nZ - skill points
    9. zQp8Jn13Hx - gift pack
    10. 86f1Sfh5Eo - ticket
    11. KHv7hE8f5b - coupon
    12. GiWAC22vSJ - stamina energy
    13. LFpMT4n9rl - keys
    14. PlCaBpKWGb - treasure chest
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