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    World story Merc Storia: a creature known as a ‘pet’, people thought pets hate human beings. They would attack humans. Before the power is discovered by a young individual. His magic power can make pets become virtuous. People consider his power to be a type of healing. That’s why he came to be known as a healer. he finally became the king and announced to his people, “i will create a country where pets and human beings can live with each other in peace. “ Several decades passed. People have begun to live with pets that have been healed in peace. Others have the ability to heal pets as well. Led a young individual known as the ‘high healer’, the rarely seen healers begin their journey to travel around the world and heal pets that are still hostile to humans. A small village at the border. Here, a young healer has his heart filled with hopes and dreams. Up until now, nobody realized….

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    Gameplay: now, let’s discuss about exploring point, listen carefully. You can command companions to join the battle. Sp - the energy gained when healing a pet. Spend SP to command companions to join the battle. Begin to attack as soon as a pet shows up. In menu you can check the running notifications, and player information. It is similar to an adventure fort. And here you can check player level, guild information, remaining amount of action points and battle point. Action point will be spent when dealing with guests and helping other players. Every 5 minutes, 1 action point will be restored or hack cheats code for unlimited AP. battle point will be spent during guild battles! The difference is BP doesn’t need to be restored over time. Restoring BP: the amount of BP be reset to 100 at 12:00 am; restore by spring water; may be restored when you complete a quest.

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    Tips: the healer can use healing powers to placate the pets. In menu bar you can check the number of diamonds and coins you own. Tap on purchase button if you wish to purchase more diamonds. You can spend your coins on enhancing your companions to make them stronger. In dialogue box, you can check other player’s game status and guild journal as well as the chat room they follow. A lot of items can be stored in the magical fountain. Tap on the screen to withdraw coins, building materials, BP for guild war, and the medals which can be exchanged for precious items. Every 4 hours you can use it! When using it, the number of items will add up every 4 hours. As you venture further and boost zone progress, its capacity will increase! You are allowed to take out items almost at any time, so it’s very important to boost zone progress as soon as possible.

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    1. rPT2uDzlGe - rune
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    3. dCbx6p8noU - pet
    4. 2OWDfEYIKX - gold coins
    5. FUh9tvBSoK - unlimited action point
    6. fn4wqPs4hg - diamonds
    7. GYKCgpoZok - level up
    8. q7M3RBEq6X - medals
    9. fWhdBklZwT - battle points
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