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    . Guardian Hunter Super brawl cheat free hack code list - medal, gem, gold, lucky box, treasure chest, high grade guardian summon, skin, ticket, crystals, skill upgrade.

    World story Guardian Hunter Super brawl : hello, you finally arrived! I am your guide cheat-on, let me introduce you to our world! Select a hunter to begin adventure (hunters can be changed in the ‘hunter’ menu.). This is Bellia’s world map. Collect guardians and equipment in each stage. Before hunting, select a helper guardian to support you. Guardians have various abilities so use them wisely to hunt easier. Let’s learn how to control the game. Try the auto hunt button on the left. Hunters will move and hunt automatically. You can still use skills during auto hunt. You can move by touching once, and roll by touching twice. use them strategically to avoid enemy attacks.

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    Guardian Hunter Super brawl cheats android, ios hack codes
    Characters: warrior- good defense and health to fight in close range and skills to battle in fashion. Archer - high critical hit and stylish range skills to attack. Militant Liang - attack the enemy with a secret strategy and awaken allies to increase attack power for 12 seconds. Sandworm - disappear into the earth to pull enemies closer and then rise above to damage enemies. General Shannon - summons 4 fiery shadow archers who are invincible for 12 seconds. Swordmaster Mushashi - a storm of knives pierce through in all directions and heavily damages nearby enemies. Skills: viking love - gather viking strength in a hammer and strike the ground to damage and lower move speed by 8 seconds. Remington four hot - fire strong multi shots four times in a row.

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    Tips: If the guardian level is higher than the hunter, the level is a adjusted to the hunter’s level. During multishot, tap multishot again to use double multishot. Equip a skin to decorate your hunter. Train your guardian by catching zombies from the dungeon. During ‘roll’, tap ’attack’ button to use’ dash uppercut’ . Use agility to defeat guardians and survive as long as possible. Infinite dungeon has an initial time limit of 30 seconds. Every round, the time limit gets reset, and for ever 10 rounds it is increased by 10 seconds. Upon clearing the stage, the remaining time is converted into bonus score.

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    1. TW1OSCgVJQ - medal
    2. UzB1fjdYwi - gem
    3. vwAIY5ElBI - gold
    4. AqgX3HxrPX - lucky box
    5. 9iBmoo0NI0 - treasure chest
    6. rifwV2eDVN - high grade guardian summon
    7. moCQNsBQ1w - skin
    8. 3XSBUYV3Fn - ticket
    9. Otf179p95R - crystals
    10. NC8VIGQpvN - skill upgrade
    11. iHHyba5TPV - level up

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