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    . Rappelz The Rift cheat free hack code list - stardust, gacha, job points, upgrade cube, level up, material chest, unlimited stamina, gems, crystal, diamonds, rune, legendary weapon.

    World story Rappelz The Rift: Lumiere - is a camp that serves the astral God of light, centered around “brightonism”. The goal is to praise the splendor of the sun, win the dimensional war, and enjoy the glory of light from the original dimension. Nuite - is a camp that serves the darkness centered on “Duskism”. it is a world of secret people who worship the mysterious moonlight and desire the power of calm darkness to dominate all dimensions.
    You’re new. Welcome to the Marduka mountains. The purpose of our camp is to find the legendary golden Dungeon El Kassia and secure the army of the dimensional war. Go to the training are and warm up before you are put into operation.

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    Rappelz The Rift cheats android, ios hack codes
    Characters: Gaia - is a valiant warrior with basis on strength sticking to the enemy and swinging axes on both hands. Asura - is a master of the dam looking to kill his enemies silently from afar. Deva - is an apostle of God who gives judgment with divinity before anyone can reach close to Deva.
    Note: dungeon contents will be unlocked after quest is cleared. You can do various activities to increase equipment skill in the equipment window. When smelting all, everything will be smelted until all materials are consumed. Equipment smelting is the easiest method to increase CP

    Rappelz The Rift secret code hack tips

    Tips: visit the auction house to buy or sell rare goods. Don’t forget to login every day to get more bug rewards. Form a balanced party to challenge the party dungeons. Increase skill level, and change skill properties on the skill window. In the skill level-up, job points are needed. Job points will be given when the character level increases. Job points are limited so think twice before you increase your skills. use potions to increase continuous combat! You can check remaining potions and use..

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    free letter secret password code:
    1. XquEWkVfPN - stardust
    2. 9idBSPmsW6 - gold
    3. 7FnK7oTk2i - gacha
    4. X1ME7DIB0d - job points
    5. JdS9HfoRz3 - upgrade cube
    6. 2jCPkL8Hdo - level up
    7. oIGhELmxSf - material chest
    8. uSSiLdyMf7 - unlimited stamina
    9. Q1JWUkEh6F - gem
    10. sdlaURHmqj - crystal
    11. Ngikoa1NXF - diamonds
    12. RwGBf55eq8 - rune
    13. AjhQubLLHm - legendary weapon
    title: hack Rappelz The Rift
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