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    . Brave Legends cheat free hack code list - divine summon, rare heroes, tickets, unlimited stamina, boost dust, diamonds, gold, vip 8, soul, shards, level up, gear.

    World story Brave Legends: In ancient times the darklings invaded our land and brought chaos. Our ancestors led a group of valiant warriors and fought hard in this war of eon against them. Darklord, too fearsome beyond worlds, killed my ancestor, the patriarch of demon hunters, with his evil sorceries. After that the warriors exhausted all their energies and sealed him. But no seal can pass the test of time. Now, darklord broke his seal again and the whole dawn land is once again pervaded with darkness! This time, i will stop him and defend my homeland!

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    Damn, Darklord broke his seal, he’s awakening! As a demon hunter, i have to stop him! Some people are already corrupted by darklord. We must seal darklord again before too many get demonized. Drag skill to the target and loose to destroy the enemy. I heard the elders said the ancient altar can cohere souls and resurrect the dead.Unbearable foul smells and countless monsters lurking in the woods, you can hardly imagine this used to be a beautiful homeland for myriad creatures. Characters: Demon hunter - high single target physical damage, high limit ability. Ice Sphere- moderate area magic damage, high limit ability.

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    Tips: heroes will be summoned if you summon x10. Level up to unlock more gameplay: arena, devil treasure, hero trial, ancient relics, guild wars, world boss, mercenary camp. Wear full gear to advance your heroes. Recommended: hack cheat a monthly card to get diamond for 30 days. Reward will be sent within three workdays after the end of the activity.

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    1. XKML4nqFGC - divine summon
    2. wKdRN7AQMs - rare heroes
    3. dF1pEtOH1Y - tickets
    4. bdwN223VDm - unlimited stamina
    5. KggQPMx9E3 - boost dust
    6. TR0YOy1OjW - dimaonds
    7. dfFCz1sp54 - gold
    8. aIqQtASCz9 - vip 8
    9. 6crnOhXZLs - soul
    10. TlHbiUJtf2 - shards
    11. sJMtiWadYU - level up gear
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